Fifa World Cup 2018(World Cup Venue, Schedule, Best Players)

FIFA World Cup 2018


FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 has arrived with a reinvention of classic model with a completely new makeover in the latest technology. Footballs across the globe are waiting for this glories day to start of the biggest event in the history of the spectacle on the globe. The FIFA World Cup is lucky to be hosted in Russia in 2018. If you see closely the previous World Cup in Brazil has bewildered a great showdown since the first time in 2006. With that in mind, the world cup has returned again on the European soil. Football has emerged as one of the prime destinations for all sealing the national expectation of winning FIFA World Cup 2018. Players will spectacular skills and start ahead of the game to finish the game lifting the trophy.

The 21st 2018 FIFA world cup tournament contested by men’s football national team is scheduled at Russia from 14th June to 15th July 2018. This will be a remarkable place for the first FIFA World Cup. The final tournament will be held on 32 international teams that will fulfil with qualify host team. This will bring the joyous environment back to back appearances of the teams.

Indeed Russia has hosted many big events previously including Olympics but for the first time, they are going to host FIFA World Cup.

The Theme of the Tournament

The prime focus of the tournament in Russia and theme they will use completely upon their choices. The theme would correspond to dream and the cosmic outer space exploration with livening up featuring Firebirds, patterns and Matryoshkas. Peoples have voted their favourite place on the internet where the tournament is more likely to be organized. The mascot could be the picked point where world cup 2018 will be organized.

All we know from the internet sources that 32 teams will be put over the part of the world cup and the specific teams in lieu of each continent.

There are a total of 14 European, 5 African, 4 South American along with 3 North American countries will be going for the next world cup 2018. The remaining teams will leave for the countries to play the final round  

World Cup 2018 venues

There are multiple cities likely to host for the tournaments and this includes Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novgorod, Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Rostov-on-don and few more. The first match and the final venue will be decided upon lately. But we hope the final place will be Moscow the centre of the tournament. Therefore the opening match of the World Cup 2018 more likely to host on Luzhniki stadium a beautiful city surrounded by woods.

One of the team is supposed to compete in the tournament, unfortunately, they did not fulfil to pay the severance fee for the coach thus, they got eradicated from the FIFA World Cup 2018 competition.

Talking about the visitors, there will millions of fans across the border witness this wonderful match throughout this year and that’s why Russia decided for no VISA requirement to enter Russia during the World Cup. Most tourists are allowed to enter Russian and not much of legal documents are required. Instead, you’ll need the ticket to show as proof of purchase to witness the FIFA World Cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

Host Russia will commence the World Cup 2018 finals within 100days of opening. They will fight against Saudi Arabia in Moscow while defending the champions with Germany and will start competing against Mexico.

The five-time winners Brazil that face Switzerland in first Group E will also compete against Costa Rica along with Serbia and this will make harder for groups to qualify.

The European champions will be up for the exciting match and this time Portugal will pay with rival Spain in Group B while Argentina can be found in Group D with the newcomers Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria.

England will come to face with the nations like Panama in Group C that will open up the rivalry match against Tunisia facing against team Belgium.

FIFA Highest-Rated Players

FIFA Highest rated players can be seen at a glance that will help you to decide on the top players in FIFA lineup across many leagues and tournaments.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the FIFA highest rated players are expensive for clubs to buy and retain them for years. We researched found a large number of players sharing the highest ratings.

The below players fall on the FIFA highest-rated players among others.



We have been running around to make this beautiful FIFA world cup highest rated players in above list. This, in turn, will determine the top performers in FIFA ranking lists. But the final set is awaited for the FIFA World cup 2018 that ranks based on their skills and ability to score goals for the forthcoming competition.

These are some highest-rated FIFA players collated with grading each player for every game they play and it is worth noting that a heavier waiting is given to the later round and therefore significantly made it to further ranking higher in FIFA world cup 2018.


We’re just short away from the FIFA World Cup 2018 and this seems we have already unveiled the best player that will compete against appropriate nation rivals. Better yet could the young Neymar or C.Ronaldo can help moving his teammates through the tournament. Who knows? Still, we have to wait and see the magnificent matches will shoot off in near future. Till then, we have the matches and fixture lists.