President Mugabe like any mortal man will have his flaws and weaknesses but when…

President Mugabe like any mortal man will have his flaws and weaknesses but when it comes to standing up against imperialism and neo-colonialist tendencies he is a modern legend. It is allowed to criticise his conduct in other dimensions of his leadership but when it comes to sticking it in the face of the West a few have done a better job than him. World relations should change and Mugabe represents that change. There are a few men who are as controversial as the Zimbabwean President. Even Western foreign policy has proven to be ill-equipped to deal with President Robert Mugabe. Former British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd reportedly admitted The trouble with Mugabe is he thinks like us. The West has proved it is not intellectually endowed to deal with the veteran leader who remains a thorn in the Wests flesh. President Mugabe stands for the downtrodden African countries on the international stage. He is the voice of the voiceless. The Double Standards of the West Roy Agyemang the producer of the movie Mugabe: Villain or Hero understands the story of the Zimbabwean leader all too well. Agyemang says In western lore he has been a terrorist a Marxist ideologue now a bloodthirsty tyrant stereotypes that he alone on the continent has been able to mock and laugh off. Agyemang might have forgotten to mention that he has also been a Western darling even being knighted in 1994. He was however stripped of the knighthood in 2008 after a period of skirmishes which started from the land resettlement programme of 2000. Obviously Western policy is not engineered to benefit Africans and this has further legitimised President Mugabe and his policies. Some people have complained and labelled his policies grabbing foreign-owned resources. If the minerals and other resources are really Western owned what are they doing on African soil? Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans Africa for Africans President Mugabe in 2002 fired off what the Daily Mail called a salvo at Tony Blair then Prime Minister of Britain. He said We have fought for our land we have fought for our sovereignty small as we are we have won our independence and we are prepared to shed our blood. So Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe. Predictably his words resonated with a continent which has been at war with interfering Western forces hiding behind capital. At one point President Mugabe told United States of America to stay out of African affairs.He said to the US Keep your pink nose out of our affairs please. Where do you get that audacity to open your mouth and try to sermonise us? The truth is though he may not be everyones favourite leader he says everything that Africans should be saying to the West. The West should stop meddling in African affairs! President Mugabe is revered for speaking this hard-hitting truth. He is no ones puppet. He has also economically ensured the Africans who were the whole reason for the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe get the benefits of independence through the Indigenisation Policy and like spirited policies. All these are engineered to make Africans own their economy but in response Zimbabwe has been punished by the West and not lauded for trying to set a new path to self-sustainability. In essence Zimbabwe is being pinned to submit to the Western masters but President Mugabe has remained defiant. Africans can no longer be glorified slaves of greedy imperialists. Speaking against inequality in world affairs At the opening ceremony of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa he told the United Nations Secretary General to tell the West that Africa demanded equal treatment. He saidTell them tell them we are not ghosts that we also belong to the worldpart of the world called Africa and Africans shall no longer tolerate a position of slavery slavery by any other name. The crop of leaders on the rise are malleable apologists afraid to say no to inequality. Clearly the West has used donor funds to control politics in Africa and silence African leaders on the global stage. When big decisions are made in the United Nations Security Council African countries are not there yet some of those decisions if not most affect Africa. What sort of balance is that when foreign countries hold the fate of Africans in their hands? The sadder fact is a few African leaders have brought the West to task over its attempts to establish political hegemony in global affairs. President Mugabe speaks for the downtrodden African nation with no voice at the United Nations. That country which goes year in and year out to General Assembly summits and gains nothing save for fatter bills to cover for the trips. This makes him the modern hero he is.


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